Healing Touchpoints

Welcome to Spa Symphony. Your recovery begins the moment you step into our healing environment. We believe that part of the treatment experience is having fun and also receiving healing before and after your treatment.

Spa Symphony is designed with touches of wonder throughout our green space that will thrill and heal you during the time you spend with us. Discover our complimentary multisensory healing touchpoints that help complete your spa treatment with us.

The following wonders are a sneak peek into our healing space.

Complimentary Multisensory Healing Touchpoints Include:

Quartz Healing Lounge

The Healing Quartz
The Quartz Crystal is the most powerful healing and energy amplifier in nature. Absorb the subtle healing vibrations of our Quartz Crystal in the relaxation lounge, which stimulates the immune system, restores harmony and clears the mind from negative energy and stress.

Cleansing Selenite
Named after the Greek Goddess of the moon, Selenite Crystals are known for their metaphysical, healing & cleansing benefits. Immerse in the healing powers of our Selenite Crystals located around the spa, which also helps strengthen immunity, mental focus, growth and general well-being.

Indoor Greenery

Pockets of greenery around Spa Symphony help reduce muscle tension related to stress and gently calm and improve your healing!

Crystal Singing Bowl

Crystal singing bowls produce a wave pattern similar to alpha waves of the brain, and the resonance relays deep down to the cellular level to reduce stress related symptoms, and detoxify the body & mind. Gently tap our crystal singing bowl to receive healing or to sing your joy over our service!


Chromotherapy or Color Therapy is the science that uses the colors to modify or to keep the vibrations of the body in a frequency that results in health and harmony. Color light energy affects all living cells and can have a profound and healing effect on the body. Choose the color that suits your current mood and enjoy its unique healing properties in the Sensory Room.

Whole Body Vibration Therapy

Reap the benefits of 1 hour of exercise with just 10 minutes on the vibration machine. Your muscles contract 25 to 50 times per second, thereby accelerating your metabolic rate, to aid detoxification and weight loss.

Tibetan Singing Bells

For centuries, Tibetan Singing Bells have been used for healing, meditation, clearing negative energy and restoring harmony and balance. Each treatment begins with a clear, pure Tingsha cleansing sound.

Special Blended Flower and Organic Teas

Appealing to your sense of taste can affect your mood positively. That is why we serve specially blended tea that is packed with health benefits.

One choice of warm blended tea is served each day while cold tea is available daily on request.

Warm blended teas include:
Roselle & Hawthorn Blend, rich in Vitamin C to help reduce cholesterol, aid digestion and promote weight loss.

Green Tea, Jasmine & Organic Brown Sugar Blend, a powerful antioxidant that helps to boost metabolism and weight loss.

Cold blended tea includes:
Curcuma, Orange & Honey blend stimulates your immune system and digestion thereby accelerating toxin elimination. It supports your body’s natural healing processes and prevents appearance of pimples.