Hydraflore by Centella

Hydraflore, made in Paris, contains the finest ingredients in the products that are suitable for everyone, including pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Best Selling Products

AHA-Melaleuca Lotion

  • Specially recommended for oily and acne skin types, this lotion aids in sebum control, kills acne bacteria, promotes anti-inflammation and removes dead skin cells.

Moisturizing Soothing Cream Tendresse

  • This moisturizing soothing cream contains hyaluronic acids, lemon and centella extracts that help to soothe, hydrate and prevent skin from pre-mature aging.

Repairing Essence

  • Repairing Essence contains high concentration of essential oil that is non greasy and significantly regulates sebum secretions while at the same time, maintains a perfect hydration.

Eyes and Lips Make Up Remover

  • A non-oily and chemical free make up remover that effectively removes all traces of water-proof eye and lip make-up.

Eyes and Lips Contour Gel

  • Eyes and Lips Contour Gel is the solution to reduce fine lines around the eye and lip area. This fresh, non-oily gel is also formulated to target and treat problems such as dark circles and puffiness by improving lymphatic drainage and blood circulation.